PedalVoyager Titanium Mug Camping Cup

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PedalVoyager Titanium Mug Camping Cup

Enhance your outdoor experience with the PedalVoyager Titanium Mug Camping Cup. Crafted from high-quality titanium, this durable and lightweight cup is designed for the avid adventurer. Whether you're camping, hiking, trekking, or exploring new trails, this mug is an essential piece of gear for all four seasons.

Product Dimensions and Weight:

  • 200ml Cup: W67mm x H73mm (2.63in x 2.87in), 43g (1.51oz)
  • 250ml Cup: W76mm x H87mm (2.99in x 3.42in), 49g (1.72oz)
  • 300ml Cup: W77mm x H80mm (3.03in x 3.15in), 51g (1.80oz)
  • 375ml Cup: W83mm x H87mm (3.26in x 3.42in), 60g (2.11oz)
  • 450ml Cup: W87mm x H91mm (3.42in x 3.58in), 80g (2.82oz)
  • 600ml Cup: W95mm x H90mm (3.74in x 3.54in), 96g (3.38oz)
  • 750ml Cup: W101mm x H111mm (3.97in x 4.37in), 115g (4.0oz)
  • 750ml Pot: W100mm x H111mm (3.93in x 4.37in), 127g (4.48oz)

Additional Information:

  • Scale Engraving: Each cup features a scale engraved inside for easy measurement.
  • Recommended Capacity: Optimal usage capacity is slightly less than the maximum to prevent spills.
  • Stackable: Designed to be stackable for easy storage and transport.

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this mug is suitable for camping, hiking, and trekking. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and the various capacity options ensure you have the right size for your needs.